How do I drink barrel aged coffee?

However you want! The first time we tried it at the farm, it was prepared in a regular old drip machine, and it was fantastic! These days we like it as a cold brew, pour over, or prepared in our French press. 

When does my coffee ship?

We want you to enjoy your coffee as soon as possible! We ship all orders within 1-2 days.

Do you sell ground coffee?

Not yet. Our Barrel Aged Coffee tastes best when fresh ground, but we understand that not everyone does coffee that way. We are working on a way to make Barrel-Aged Coffee accessible to all types of coffee drinkers. 

Does barrel aged coffee contain alcohol?

Nope. Our chemists tell us that barrel aging changes the chemical composition of the coffee, giving it its unique aroma and flavor, but there are no traces of alcohol in our coffee.  

Do you sell green coffee?

Yes! For more information, contact us.