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Unroasted Coffee 10 lbs - Rum Barrel Aged - Dried in Fruit

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Unroasted Coffee 10 lbs - Rum Barrel Aged - Dried in Fruit


Our latest batch aged in Colombian rum barrels. 

Dried in the Fruit is our new line of coffees.  Rather than removing the pulp and washing the beans, like most other Colombian coffee producers do, we simply wash these beans, and allow them to sun-dry as whole cherries.  These beans conserve a very special natural sweetness.

A special coffee for special moments, we age specialty beans from Caldas in oak barrels that once housed the finest Colombian rum. The result is a gourmet coffee that combines the caramel complexity of top shelf rum with the smooth coffee that's made Colombian coffee a classic.

Rum Barrel Aged - Dried in the Fruit

Farm: Barcelona

Country of Origin: Colombia

Region: Apia, Risaralda

Type of Coffee: Arabica

Varietal: Castillo

Processing: Natural processing and sun dried, fermented in oak barrels with rum aroma

Growing Altitude: 1600 - 2000 m.

Mesh size: 15

Score: 88

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