First Batch

Sergio Alvarez

It's been just over a year since we started the first batch of Barrel Aged coffee.

Before biting the bullet on those 5 barrels, our Master Ager had tried some small scale experiments with gift-size barrels. The first trials were done in 1 liter barrels, and every failure was followed by another try, in bigger barrels of up to 3 liters.

After long months of experimenting to find the right balance of moisture and aging time, we saw it was time to go bigger. We got the barrels, prepped them in our special way, and filled them with carefully selected, sun-dried beans from the family farm.

All that first batch went to our good friends in the island of Taiwan, who liked it so much they immediately ordered a second batch. This is a picture of our Master Ager, getting ready to ship that first batch from Buenaventura.

That second batch is now available in our store

Master Ager showing off his first batch of Barrel Aged

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