Cassie Howard

We are very excited to report the recent completion of the first successful batch of our new coffee product. But what is it, and how is it different?

After harvest, the coffee cherry is usually peeled and washed, exposing the bean and washing off both peel and pulp. The beans are then sun-dried (rather than heat-dried) to ensure the coffee maintains its richness. Both San Jose and Barrel Aged are processed this way.

 Our new coffee goes through a different process.  Rather than peeling the cherry, we simply wash it gently, and then set it to sun-dry. This is called natural dried coffee.

But we don't stop there. After drying, we place the coffee in rum barrels for aging. Our ager-in-chief has, after many failed trials, perfected the formula for aging San Jose's natural dried coffee.

One of our professional coffee taster friends described this new coffee as 'Espressivo'.  According to him, the new coffee has tasting notes of arequipe, compota, and pie de caramelo con chocolate.


And now, we are struggling to find a name for this new coffee.  Any ideas?

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